THE AMERICAN CERAMIC CIRCLE (ACC) was founded in 1970 as a non-profit educational organization committed to the study and appreciation of ceramics. Its purpose is to promote scholarship and research in the history, use, and preservation of ceramics of all kinds, periods, and origins.
The current active membership is composed of ceramics enthusiasts from many walks of life, including museum professionals, collectors, institutions, auction house professionals, and dealers in ceramics. Member interest is focused on post-Medieval pottery and porcelain of Europe, Asian ceramics of all periods, and ceramics made, used, or owned in North America. 
The ACC is chartered in the State of Maine as a 501 (c) 3 Corporation and is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees.


Mission Statement

The American Ceramic Circle creates and supports a community for the appreciation and study of ceramics of all kinds, periods, and origins.


Core Values

Community: The ACC fosters a welcoming community with a common interest in the history, significance, and aesthetics of ceramics.

Engagement: The ACC engages with all who share a love of ceramics, including enthusiasts, professionals, artists, and students.

Scholarship: The ACC promotes scholarship in the field of ceramics through new research and learning opportunities.


ACC Board

  • Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, Chairman
  • Adrienne Spinozzi, President
  • Elizabeth Williams, Vice President and Strategic Planning Co-Chair
  • Carleigh Queenth, Treasurer
  • Tish Roberts, Secretary
  • Derya Baydur
  • Mark Brown, Strategic Planning Co-Chair
  • Mel Buchanan
  • Leslie Ferrin, Events Chair
  • Jeffrey S. Evans
  • Donald G. Gavin
  • Garth Johnson, Book Award Chair
  • Angelika R. Kuettner, Membership Co-chair
  • Brittany Luberda, Symposium Chair
  • Debbie Miller
  • Christina Prescott-Walker
  • Catharine Dann Roeber
  • Jeffrey Ruda, PR Chair and Journal Chair
  • Mark Shapiro, Membership Co-chair
  • Vanessa Sigalas
  • Stuart Slavid
  • Yao-Fen You, Grants Chair
  • John C. Austin, Chairman Emeritus
  • Donna M. Corbin, Chairman Emerita
  • Ron Fuchs II, Chairman Emeritus
  • Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen, Chairman Emerita
  • Jeffrey Munger, Chairman Emeritus

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