American Ceramic Circle (ACC) membership dues and donations enable the ACC to continue to serve you by providing research trips, grant funding, and other opportunities to study ceramics of all types. The ACC and its membership understand the important role that ceramics have played and continue to play in social history and global trade. We welcome contributions of any amount.

2023 Annual Appeal

Our year-end appeal aspires to raise that essential funding to ensure that the ACC can continue to support and encourage growth in the field of ceramics. The ongoing success of this program depends on the beneficence of our members and other generous contributors, and we hope you will become (or remain) one of those vital contributors. As we approachthis time of reflection and giving, we sincerely hope that you will help the ACC advance our purpose with your critical support of our Grants and Scholarships program. With thanks and hopes that you will consider donating.  Below are the various giving levels to support our Grants and Scholarship program, but any amount is greatly appreciated.  

  • Grants Patron $5000                                                                  
  • Grants Sponsor $1500                                                                    
  • Travel Scholarship Sponsor $1400                                              
  • Local Scholarship Sponsor $400                                      
  • Grants and Scholarships Supporter $500                                        
  • General Grants and Scholarships Fund (any amount)                

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The ACC is a Section 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Your contributions may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.

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